From the history of the Department of Mathematical Physics

The Department of Mathematical Physics has more than a hundred years of complex and interesting history of development. This history was an integral part of the history of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (KPI) from its inception and the opening in August 1898 Let's make a short excursion into the century-old, using published studies of science historian V. Dobrovolsky. 

At its opening in 1898 - 1899 teach. year of the KPI included four departments (faculties): engineering, mechanical, chemical and agricultural. The first rector was appointed by then-known scientist and educator VA Kyrpychov (1845 - 1913). He managed to attract to teaching in KPI highly skilled professionals, in particular, local university professors. It was invited to head the mathematics department of corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences Professor Emeritus VP Ermakova (1845 - 1922). Leadership Institute understood the value thorough mathematical preparation of students as a solid base for learning technical and special courses for senior courses. It was noted the Rector in his speech at the opening of the KPI. He said that for the engineer first needs a solid scientific training, and therefore he (the engineer) should thoroughly study the fundamental disciplines - mathematics, physics, chemistry and others. - Depending on specialty. 

History of Mathematics in the CPI, as in other technical high schools, covers two main issues: first - teacher (review of curricula, programs, textbooks, teaching methods, etc.), the second - is to study and analyze scientific heritage of the department of mathematics

In the opening to the course in mathematics, but of the differential and integral calculus, included elements of differential geometry, theory of ordinary differential equations and partial differential, elements of probability theory, drawing empirical formulas and approximate calculation. Curvilinear integrals have been studied sufficiently reduced, but the surface integrals, as well as about the theory field, the program is not even mentioned. Little was given time and the theory of numbers. 

In some years readable, and the following courses: projective geometry, probability theory, approximate calculations and more. 

After the organization of the Institute Council Institute (1900) decided to create a special committee of teachers of mathematics under the guidance of Professor VPErmakova with it other teachers "to establish uniformity in the conduct of studies in mathematics and mechanics, and for peer review and resolve common issues." This commission was the prototype of the modern department. 

Already in the early years of the Institute for teaching mathematics in it was carried out at a high enough level. Of course, this greatly facilitated the appointment of Chair VPErmakova, well known at the time how deep and talented researcher and a popular practitioner. Master's and doctoral theses VP Ermakova belonged to the theory of differential equations with partial derivatives. His research interests were also algebra, vector theory, probability theory, mechanics, calculus of variations, the theory of ordinary differential equations. 

VP Ermakov was the founding of the Kiev Physical and Mathematical Society and a member of Moscow and Kharkov Mathematical Society. 

Closest associate VP Ermakova was Professor B.Ya. Bukreyev (1859 - 1962). He worked at KPI from the date of its organization until 1930, occupying the post of head of the department after the death of VP Ermakova in 1922 

With extensive experience, pedagogical tact and devotion to the job he managed to combine a high theoretical level of teaching to the availability of material for poorly prepared students (in the first years after) came to the audience sometimes directly with military units or production. While the general course sometimes be abbreviated to three years. Thus, decreased and the number of hours devoted to mathematics.The reduction was carried out by exclusion from the program for secondary or unprincipled. Changed and the method of teaching, when lectures were held in the active form of seminars. This form of training in those years was very successful because the students had little time for independent working out of material. 

Research interests B.Ya. Bukreyev concerned differential geometry, algebra, theory of numbers, the calculus of variations. He published several books on the basis of analysis, variational calculus and differential geometry. Many did B.Ya. Bukreyev for the preparation of mathematical research staff, among whom was the future head of the department of mathematical physics professor KPI AS Smohorzhevskyy. 

After B.Ya. Bukreyev mathematics department KPI until 1938 was headed by Professor M. Kravchuk (1892 - 1942), Academician of the Ukraine, a talented scientist who has received important results in algebra, number theory and mathematical analysis. 

After the arrest of MP Kravchuk in 1937, in the next three years - until the summer of 1941 - Department of Mathematics headed by Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences Prof. YD Sokolov (1896 - 1971), a famous mathematician and engineer. The main directions of his research - Celestial Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, the theory of differential equations. 

During WWII KPI was evacuated to Tashkent and merged with Central Asian Industrial Institute. During this period in the early postwar years to 1952 the team of mathematicians institute headed by Professor AS Smohorzhevskyy (1896 - 1969), known for his scholarly works on the theory of Green's functions and especially in the field of geometric constructions of non-Euclidean plane. 

In the second half of the 1940s in the KPI was first mathematical work seminar, organized and headed it was prof. OS Smohorzhevskyy. The workshop lasted 20 years until his death of its founder. The main topic was non-Euclidean geometry, with emphasis on geometric construction. 

In spring 1952 the Department of Mathematics KPI was divided into two: the department of mathematical physics, led by YS Smohorzhevskym and Department of Mathematics, headed by Professor VA Zmorovich (1909 - 1994), who worked at KPI in 1932 with over 50 years. VA Zmorovich - known specialist in the theory of analytic functions. During 1952 - 1973's, he was head of the department of higher mathematics. 

The second time the organization and strength of scientific seminar was Professor VA Zmorovich. He functioned during 1951 - 1987's and was devoted to the theory of extremal problems in special classes of analytic functions and the theory of numerical and functional series and integral inequalities. 

Next Mathematics Seminar on Functional Analysis and its Applications led by Professor Yu Daletskii (1926 - 1997), elected (1992), Academician of NAS of Ukraine. 

Since 1968 over five years headed the department of mathematical physics professor SH.H. Gordeladze (1905 - 1973), renowned expert on astronomy, and another year - Professor LE Dunduchenko, student VA Zmorovich. 

Department of Mathematical Physics formally completed its journey in 1974 when it was renamed the Department of Mathematics and Department of Mathematics - the Department of Computational Mathematics (head prof. VI bullet). 

Since 1976, the Department of Mathematics headed by Professor FP Yaremchuk (1920 - 2001), range of research which was Hydromechanics and, mainly, methods of teaching mathematics. 

Department of Mathematics KPI in his time has been updated through a combination of the department of mathematical physics and computational mathematics in 1976 - 1977 academic year there were over 100 teachers. According to its scientific and methodological potential it was one of the most powerful groups in the institute. But along with this much more difficult to manage such a large department. Therefore, for convenience, all teachers were divided into math sections, and assigned to departments. The leaders of these sections were part of the council chair, created for operational management. Further, due to the need for more optimal organization of educational process management and its approach to the needs of specific departments, the issue of division of the department. 

In April 1982 issued an order of the division of Ukraine Ministry of Education, Department of Mathematics KPI into three departments: Department of Mathematics number 1, the Department of Mathematics number 2, Department of Mathematics № 3. 

So, since 1982 - 1983 school year teaching mathematics at KPI performed three departments of Mathematics. Each of them gave a particular group of mathematics education faculties. 

Department of Mathematics number 1 was headed by Professor FP Yaremchuk (since 1986 - Professor V. Buldyhin), Department of Mathematics number 2 - Professor F.T. Baranovsky, Department of Mathematics number 3 - Associate MMKuharchuk. 

The department of higher mathematics number 3 of KPI on which created chair of mathematical physics, in addition to its head Professor MM Kuharchuk originally included MG Andriewsky, VA Antoniuk, TM Bartnovska, GP Bakhtin, AJ Hadionenko, AA Havrysh, VG Hanaha, V. Grechko, VP Hrymalyuk, NK Demyanchuk, YD Zinko, VM Kasperov, VA Chains, NG Krasnoshapka, EA Smith, VD King, M. Kopec, LR Kotsyuk, GM Kulik, I. Lyubchenko, PG Lyhovyd, VS Martynenko, LI Brain, RV Nikolaeva, ND Oksamytna, MP Petrenko, TG Pletnev, VA Pohilevych, LG Repnin, TASikorski, GP Sander, N. Teterin, AK Tolpyho, V. Cherednichenko, TI Shabratko, V.Yasinsky. Teaching mathematics was conducted on the faculties of: welding, Engineering Physics, Mechanical Engineering, instrument, chemical engineering, chemical technology, evening, correspondence and general technical. Subsequently, increased enrollment of students, opened new faculties and specialties and thus growing and changing staff. 

Kuharchuk Nikolay Kravchuk (1934 - 2009) was born February 6, 1934 in the village.Gruz'ka Kyiv region. He graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Kiev Pedagogical Institute (1959). KPI Works in 1959, passed all steps from assistant to professor, Head of Department (until 1986). He graduated from graduate school at the KPI (1966), supervisor YL Daletskii, defended his thesis "Differential equation in funktsyonalnыh proyzvodnыh and some questions varyatsyonnoho yschyslenyya, svyazannыe with them" (1967), his doctoral thesis at the Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine "Kvazylyneynыe эllyptycheskye equation and Nonlinear semigroups szhatyy" (1996). The title of professor was in 1997 

Nikolay Kravchuk prepared 6 Ph.D., a research consultant for 3 doctoral dissertations in management theory. He has authored over 80 scientific papers, manuals, co-author of 3 monographs. 

In 1971 - 1975 рр. MM Kuharchuk worked at the Department of Mathematics at the National Institute of oil in Bumerles (Algeria) first teacher of mathematics, and then three years - head of the department, and in the years 1978-1980 - Professor of Mathematics French - Dutch university, the Deputy Minister of Education Republic of Upper Volta

His scientific work dealt with the functional analysis, application of mathematical analysis, methods of teaching mathematics. 

Awards: Award "Excellence in Education of Ukraine", winner of the Soros Foundation (1991 - 1996). 

Kuharchuk MM managed at the time of Department of Mathematics number 3 to establish a team of teachers who skillfully combine educational activities with scientific research. 

Vladimir Martynenko S. (b. 5/8/1925, the teachings OS Smohorzhevskoho) graduated from the Odessa University in 1952, worked at KPI in 1953 as an assistant in 1958 - Candidate of Sciences (1958), Associate Professor from 1964 , Professor since 1996, conducted the study of some matrix geometries, which is the absolute third-order curve, and hyperbolic cases match the angle of the Lobachevsky plane with its Euclidean value on the map Beltrami under certain conditions. In hyperbolic geometry, he proved the theorem Maskeroni and considered a number of important structural problems. In addition to scientific publications in periodicals, published several books, including "Operational Calculus" (4 editions) and "Theory of functions of complex variable." 

Andrew's Mary G. (b. 11/21/1919) after Saransk school in 1937 entered the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Kyiv State University (KSU). During the war, evacuated to the Urals, where she worked in forestry, and returned to Kyiv - in the Directorate of Food Industry (1943 - 1948). After KSU in 1949 took over as assistant chair of higher mathematics KPI. PhD student of Prof. .. OS Smohorzhevskoho (1955 - 1958). After defending his thesis in 1966 received the rank of assistant professor and worked up to 1984 

Creative interests MG Andrievsky (30 publications) belonged to the geometry and history of science. It proved, using the interpretation of Beltrami, who own direct cross-Lobachevsky space are two common perpendiculars - own and perfect. She studied the classification of second-order curves in the hyperbolic plane, which is based was given invariant theory factors and elementary divisors, and published an interesting monograph "Analytic geometry in space Lobachevskoho. - K., 1963. "Carried out the great public works. For labor achievements awarded 8 medals and diplomas. 

Apt pupil of prof. VA Zmorovich was Pohilevich Vsevolod Alekseevich (1929 - 200?) Family of teachers. He graduated from high school in 1949, Physics and Mathematics University of Chernivtsi in 1954, graduate school at KPI under the direction of VA Zmorovich in 1967 and at the same time successfully defended his thesis at the Institute of Mathematics, USSR Academy of Sciences. Then he worked at KPI assistant since 1965, Art. teacher since 1969, lecturer from 1971. the radio, and since 1982 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering for release in 1996 

VO Pohilevich conducted intensive research work in the theory of complex variable, had 35 publications, was a member of the American Mathematical Society. He managed to build a region of values ​​of certain functionals for a class of Caratheodory subclass with fixed coefficients, thus obtained some conclusions that are of fundamental scientific importance. He actively participated as a speaker in the number of republican and international conferences on the theory of analytic functions.With hard work and thanks was awarded two medals. 

Research interests of department staff observed a wide range. Differential equations, mathematical physics and their applications were involved in OJ Hadionenko, MMKopec, NG Krasnoshapka, MP Petrenko, TI Shabratko. 

Hadionenko Alexander Yakovlevich worked at the department since 1973 has more than 5 research results (inventions) that patented inventions in the office at KPI and 15 scientific publications. Co-author published a tutorial on graph theory. 

Miroslav M. Kopec, the department has since September 1982 and is the author of 23 scientific publications. Main area of ​​research - the differential equation with partial derivatives. Published as 12 papers on teaching of Mathematics. 

Yasinsky Vasily (b. 7/28/1953 town) graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics KSU (1975). In the KPI is from 1979 

Main directions of scientific activity - stochastic optimal control and hierarchical systems. In 1985 - 1990 рр. Vasily participates in the development of economic and contractual themes together with the division of CB "Storm." 

In connection with the creation of the Faculty "Preparatory" VV Yasinsky appointed dean of the faculty. He is one of the founders of Preparatory KPI. Since 2005, analyze the results of complex monitoring of the quality of training for specialties "KPI". 

Author of more than 140 scientific works including 12 monographs and fifty books on mathematics. 

Shabratko Thais Ivanovna (born 21.04.1934r. With. Dzhulynka Vinnitsa region).. She graduated with a medal Zhulynska school (1952), Mechanics and Mathematics KSU specialty "Mechanics" (1957), postgraduate at the Institute of Mechanics, USSR Academy of Sciences, PhD in 1971 In 1972-1974 worked as a junior fellow at the Department of Analytical Mechanics poliahrehatnyh Systems Institute of Mechanics (Head: N. Kilchevskyy), in the years 1974-1981 - senior lecturer, Department of Mathematics of the Kiev tank top engineering school, and in 1981-1992 was - Associate Professor of Mathematics KPI. Received an associate professor in 1986 was engaged in the study of the theory of oscillations and stability of elastic systems.Author of 8 scientific articles and 9 teaching works. 

Mikhail Petrenko (nar.15.03.1933) in the KPI working since 1972 Along with teaching leads intensive scientific work. He is developing methods for solving complicated problems of elastic bodies (beams, plates, shells), which is complicated problems of mathematical physics. These complications were conditioned in the presence of liquid membranes (hidropruzhnosti problem), concentrated masses, elastic elements, points, etc. pinched. 

Smith MP has authored over forty scientific publications and co-author of the monograph "Mechanics systems shell - fluid - gas nahretыy" (1970), 7 teaching materials and training manual "The course of linear algebra and analytic geometry."