Welcome to the Mathematical

Physics Department

of the Mathematical Physics Faculty


Chair of the Department


professor, Doctor of Science


Ivasyshen Stephen D.



The Department of Mathematical Physics

provides teaching of mathematics in nine faculties and

two institutes of the National Technical University

"Kyiv Politechnical Institute".

At the Department of Mathematical Physics there are

created ten specialized sections to provide high quality teaching

of mathematics for bachelors and masters

of the following eleven departments:

  • Physics and Mathematics Faculty
  •  Automatic-build faculty
  •  Mechanical Engineering Institute
  •  Engineering Chemistry Faculty
  • Chemical Engineering Faculty
  • Faculty of Biotechnology
  • Engineering and Physics Faculty
  • Welding Faculty
  • Publishing and Printing Institute
  • Department of Sociology and Law
  • Department of Linguistics.

The department’s research activity

includes investigation of fundamental and applied mathematical problems, as well in design of methods and algorithms for solving technical and innovative activity problems with implementation of up-to-date computer-based powerfull tools and software. The main fundamental research activity of the department covers:

  • Construction, research and application of various Green's matrices of boundary value problems and the fundamental solution of the Cauchy problem for a large class of parabolic equations and systems of equations both regular and with different features and degeneracy;
  • Development of methods and algorithms of the theory of asymptotic-solution operators for optimization of: graph-operator models of  hierarchically-controlled systems; control systems under incomplete data; numerical algorithms for calculation of extreme strategies of differential games; numerical high accuracy algorithms for solving Cauchy problems and boundaryproblems of mathematical physics;
  • Development of the soliton theory and nonlinear dynamics of magnetic inhomogeneities in magnetically crystals in oscillating external fields of different physical nature, predicting drift-phase domain structures that are realized when the spin-orientation phase transitions of the 1st kind of external fields. Investigation of structural phase transitions in ordered lattices of cylindrical magnetic domains and a theory of spatial stability of magnetic domains that exist in adjacent layers of the multilayer films with different structural features;
  • Investigation of deterministic chaos processes in nonideal dynamical systems and systems with limited excitation.Descovering of new scenario of transition to deterministic chaos in dynamical systems, description and classification of new types of strange attractors. Identifying a number of new effects, dynamic stabilization shuttle systems, the influence of factors related to delay.